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"Please help me!":
January 15, 2010

Comment from knwo24:

I'm looking for an early 90's FOX show that I want to say was on Sunday night, either before or after Herman's Head. The show was called either Oops! or Whoops! and was about the last six or so people on Earth. I can't remember anybody that was in it, however I do remember that each of the shows characters were in the middle of every day activities when all of a sudden there was some sort of flash and everything around them was gone. They came into the house one at a time on the first episode. Please tell me that this show WAS real (my friends are starting to think I'm insane). Thanking you in advance!


You are correct, the show did exist. It was called "Woops!". It aired in the fall of 1992 and was indeed on after Herman's Head. You are not crazy.

January 13, 2010

Comment from Cydlone:

I've noticed in your past headlines, you have had strong criticisms against NBC. If, being hypothetical, you were put in charge of programming, what major changes would you make? Which shows would you keep, cancel, or pick up? And how would you handle the current Leno-O'Brien debacle? By the way, keep up the good work on the site; I go to it almost everyday.


Thanks for the kind words, I'll answer your second question first as it's the easier one. I would let Conan walk and reinstate Leno in the 11:30 slot. I like Conan but there's no way to rectify this situation without making somebody angry. Conan is not Tonight Show material, I find it interesting how important he thinks tradition is to the Tonight Show when his brand of comedy is so different.

As for fixing NBC, I would cancel every drama except Mercy and the Law & Orders. That seems like a lot but it isn't. I would keep the Biggest Loser until a new hit develops and then I would move it there. I would keep Thursdays intact for the most part. I can't really tell you shows I would put on the line-up since NBC wouldn't really shuffle programming around. New material would be the focus of my efforts. I'd place emphasis on Mondays as I feel that night is up for grabs. Wednesday would be next followed by Tuesday and Sunday. I'm not happy with their Thursday night line-ups ratings but that would be the hardest night to fix.

Part of the problem with their programming is the fact that they try to hard to establish new shows in March when it's almost irrelevant. Kings, Conviction, Raines, The Black Donnellys, and I'm sure many more should've started in the Fall. Midseason relievers don't have great success and I bet at least one of the shows I mentioned would've seen a second season. Hope that gives you a good idea.

"The Practice":
January 13, 2010

Comment from Linda:

Do you know if they are ever going to put seasons 2-8 of the Practice on dvd? They only put out season 1. Love that show. Still watch it on re-runs on FX.


There aren't any plans to release The Practice at this time. My guess is that it didn't sell very well. I wouldn't lose all hope since Fox has been sporadic about their releases in the past. I'm a huge TV DVD collector and have been frustrated in the past by release schedules. Without a Trace and Everwood both saw years pass between their releases. This might be the case for The Practice.

January 07, 2010

Comment from Micah:

Thought I heard something about this being the last season for Lost. If that is true shouldn't it be a new entry into TV Hell?


You are correct. However, we don't usually add shows to the list until they've stopped airing new episodes.

"Trying to remember":
January 07, 2010

Comment from Evy:

There was a old tv show, sit-com, starring a black guy, Charles somebody, he played a character called rock. He just did a cameo on House, played Foremans father. Do you remember the show................Evy


Charles S. Dutton is the name of the actor. The show you are looking for is called Roc which aired from 1991-1994 on Fox.

"HELP, Please":
January 07, 2010

Comment from Louise:

Ian, I'm trying to remember a sitcom from several years ago. It was about a family (Mom, Dad, their kids, all adults - two men, one woman). Mom and Dad were divorced but lived in the same apartment building. Mom, Dad and at least one of the boys was a doctor. The girl was an ER nurse. I'm pretty sure the Mom was Stockard Channing. I thank you in advance for your help. This is driving me crazy!


The show you are looking for is called Out of Practice. Stockard Channing was in it, that was a big help.

"Trying to remember show":
January 05, 2010

Comment from Sylvia:

I'm trying to remeber the name of a show from a few years ago I think. It was based in a small town I think near the ocean, there was a blond girl who I believe showed up at the town and was taken in by a family but weird things would happen around her, she may have been evil or was apart of some type of prophecy maybe...I think the title might of had peaks, falls, or pier in it, not entirely sure. This has been nagging at me for weeks.


Point Pleasant is the name of the show your looking for. You may have gotten peaks from the show Twin Peaks which was also centered around a girl, though she was dead.

"Communion Wafer":
January 03, 2010

Comment from Lynn:

I saw part of a comedy show, years ago, about two guys at a funeral/wake. One took a communion wafer and he wasn't Catholic. He didn't know how to get rid of it. Do you know what this show was?

Bill K (Dec. 13, 2009) asked about "Grandma got a boo boo on her na na and is sitting with Jesus". That show was "The Book of Daniel", NBC, 2006.

Can you help?? I want to get it on DVD and wonder if it exists anywhere, BUT, I need a title!


Thanks for the information about the Book of Daniel. Based on the description I was given I wouldn't have thought the controversial dramedy to be it. I only saw the pilot though.

As for your question, sorry but I don't have a clue. Can anyone else help?

"Help? :)":
December 30, 2009

Comment from Eileen:

So glad to find your site on google and hope you can help.

There was a prime time show on either abc, nbc or cbs that was about anthrax and/or some other lethal gases being released on the subways. That is one story line I remember but the gist of the show was about a subversive group trying to compromise major cities. I'm pretty sure it was on around or before 9-11, and didn't last long. Too close to what could happen perhaps!

Can you help?? I want to get it on DVD and wonder if it exists anywhere, BUT, I need a title!


This one took me awhile but I'm almost positive that the show you are looking for is called UC: Undercover. It fits the timeline, network and plot you mentioned. The bad news is it is not currently available on DVD. That could certainly change since star Oded Fehr has gained more popularity. since the show aired. Let me know if I was right.

"A cooking show":
December 27, 2009

Comment from

There was a show named home plate with a Chef from Georgia Named Mark who was a great cook.


Thanks, cooking shows can be pretty hard to track.

"Late 80's show":
December 28, 2009

Comment from Fred:

Hello Ian. I am trying to find out what happened to an actress who stared in a sitcom/drama show in the late 80's I believe. She was a cute redhead lead, and for some reason I think the show was somewhat of a copycat to alley mcbeal, but I may be wrong. I remember few deets, except that the show was really cute and so was she, and after like 5-10 episodes it totally dissapeared. Any help would be gladly appreciated.


Since Ally McBeal aired in the late 90s/early 00s any show that aired in the late 80s could not really be a copycat to it. This one was difficult but I think the actress you are looking for is Joanna Gleason who played a supporting role on CBS' Love & War in the early 90s. Annette O'Toole is another actress you might want to look up.

"Name of a show":
December 18, 2009

Comment from Ed:

I'm trying to remember the name of a show which I believe lasted just one season somewhere between 1995 and 1998. It was about a man who got revenge and restitution on criminals on behalf of their victims. He did it in legal and clever ways. It starred a large, gloomy kind of man. Any ideas? Thanks.


I found two shows that match your description. The first is Millennium which aired from 1996-1999 and fits your description perfectly. Millennium happens to be a favorite of mine. The second is the Pretender which isn't as solid of a match but it's definitely worth checking out. Let me know if either of those were it.

"Strip Mall":
December 13, 2009

Comment from

I believe the tv show on comedy central that Matt was asking about was a show called "Strip Mall." I believe it aired for about 2 seasons. It was like a soap opera featuring a few storylines going on at once. I believe there was a story about a goldigger as well as the guy who went to film school and was then hired to direct porn.


Thanks for the help, most of the descriptions for Strip Mall that I found online didn't include that detail.

"Canceled show":
December 13, 2009

Comment from Bill K.:

Hello. I am so happy I found this site. I hope you can help me. A few years back there was a show on ABC (?) that I am trying to figure out the name. It was a family type sitcom. One quote that I remember is "Nana got a boo-boo on her noo-noo & she may be sitting with Jesus soon". I know, crazy thing to remember. I have no idea who was in it, when it was on, nothing. I THINK it may have been one of those partial improv type shows. Modern Family reminds me of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Your description doesn't really narrow the field down by very much and I am not familiar with the quote but I can give you some shows that might be what you are looking for.
According to Jim (first one that came to mind)
Life With Bonnie
Sons and Daughters
My Wife and Kids
Less than Perfect
I focused mainly on late 90s and early new millennium shows. Let me know if you remember any more details or if one of those shows was it.

"Subject: Are these shows cancelled?":
December 07, 2009

Comment from Kevin:

I was wondering if you had heard anything about the show Testees?


Testees was not renewed by FX. FX hasn't been able to come up with another half hour comedy to pair with It's Always Sunny in Philiadelphia yet.

"Subject: Comedy Central show??":
December 07, 2009

Comment from Matt:

What was that show on Comedy Central that was usually on before Strangers with Candy? It was about a director that got conned into directing porn? The actress married a hockey player in real life? Canceled around 2002 maybe?


Family Business is the only show I can think of. That wasn't on Comedy Central though, it was on Showtime.

"Jay Leno":
December 02, 2009

Comment from Marc:

I'm sure you saw this but just in case...


Thanks for the link. I used to Tivo Leno occasionally myself so I don't really find this surprising at all. It'll be interesting to see how the ratings for his first year turn out but I think he should go back to the Tonight Show. I like Conan but his eccentric personality isn't built for the Tonight Show's audience and Leno isn't built for prime time. I also happen to like Jimmy Fallon so I'm not so sure what to do with that mess...

November 23, 2009

Comment from Richard S.:

Just read that NBC has uncancelled Trauma, WHY?


I'm not sure where you read that. The TV Hell newsroom hasn't heard that news at all. Trauma appears to still be cancelled by NBC, as it should be. Can you forward me the link that showed you that information?


Trauma hasn't been un-cancelled, but on November 19th NBC announced it had ordered three additional episodes of the series, bringing the order to 16 episodes. The new episodes will run following NBC's coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics. If it does very well, NBC would probably bring it back. As of now it's still over after the 16th episode.

"Six Feet Under":
November 20, 2009

Comment from Micah:

I know that Six Feet Under has been mentioned on the site before but I don't see it on the list. Awesome site keep up the good work.


Thanks for the catch. 2005 was when I started writing for the site, hard to believe we missed one as important as Six Feet Under.

"Nagging Show":
November 18, 2009

Comment from Brian:

I was wondering about a show I used to love to watch two or three years ago, but was cancelled and I can't remember the name of it. It was on FX and i think it only lasted about one season. It was about two ambulance drivers, whose names I forget (one was black the other was white if that's of any help) and ended when the black EMT overdosed on narcotics and ended up crashing the ambulance, resulting in his partner having to rescue him. I have been looking for the name of this show for years and nothings helped, so if you could give it a try I would greatly appreciate that. Sorry for my lack of information, and thanks a ton.


The show you're looking for is called Saved. It was on TNT (not FX) in 2006.

"Canterbury's Law":
November 11, 2009

Comment from Diggem the Frog:

Your list is about as comprehensive as any, but I remember at least one TV series you (or Rich) forgot: Canterbury's Law, a legal drama that starred Julianna Margulies as a divorced and apparently alcoholic lawyer who nevertheless drives a fancy, powerful-looking car (I forget what make and model) and is at the top of her game. Only six episodes ran, over the course of a month, from March through April 2008. So you can't be blamed for forgetting it.


Thanks for helping us out. I remember seeing an episode of that one. Don't really know how this one missed the list.

"Friday the 13th: The Series":
November 09, 2009

Comment from Sam A.:

Just for your info "Friday the 13th: the series" is played on the SYFY (awful spelling change) network , they do a 8 episode marathon run about every 3-4 months or so, they just had one in October.

You guys both do a great job in keeping all us TV addicts informed!!!!


Thanks for the heads up and for the kind words. I've never been a fan of the SyFy name change, glad to see I'm not alone.

"Show about haunted objects":
November 06, 2009

Comment from Marla:

Hello – I use to watch a show about haunted objects. I believe it was set around an antique store and there where 3 people that chased down the objects. I think the womans name was Mickey on the show???? I also think it was on FOX. Can you let me know if you recall this one, and if so what was the name of the series? Thanks for any help you can give me. Thanks Marla


This is one of the hardest shows I've search for. Try Haunted or All Souls. Both aired on UPN but seem to match the description you gave me more than anything I could find on Fox. My guess is that the show you're looking for aired before Rich started the list because I've done a pretty thorough scan and I've come up empty. Does anyone else have any ideas?


I think that this may be "Friday The 13th: The Series" which was a syndicated show that ran for three seasons, from September 28, 1987 to May 26, 1990. The series has no story connections to the movies of the same name, but was about two young antique store owners (and an assistant who left the show after the second season) that recovered cursed antiques. The main characters name was "Micki Foster". Re-runs ran for a few years after the show ended.

"Defying Gravity":
November 02, 2009

Comment from Micah:

I was just wondering if you had heard anything more about the status of ABC's Defying Gravity?
Thank You,


ABC hasn't officially cancelled Defying Gravity yet but the odds of it coming back are pretty slim. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

"Friday Night Lights":
September 27, 2009

Comment from

Ian, Will "Friday Nights Lights" return on NBC?

Yes Friday Night Lights will return next summer to NBC. It comes back to DirecTv in a few weeks. If you don't get DirecTV I'm pretty sure you can find it online somewhere. I'll post a good website if I can find one.

"Help, I'm going crazy":
September 26, 2009

Comment from Dorene B.:

Sometime between May 2006 and May 2009 I watched a TV show (SF, I think) in which something jaw-dropping happened. I went online to see what was going on with the show (maybe a character died and we wondered if the actor died?) and found a website for some kind of Internet magazine. The magazine was going to interview the actor or the producers of the show, I forget which, immediately after the show went off the air in Hawaii. I had to stay up until 2am to see the interview. I can't remember what it was, who may have died or anything else, and it's driving me crazy. What was the show and what was the jaw-dropping development that had us all up in the middle of the night?


I'm pretty good at figuring out shows that people can't seem to remember. Rich is pretty good at it too. However, I can't narrow down the list of shows at all. Can you include something that would help me to figure this out? Actor's dying and jaw dropping events are pretty common on shows.

"Talk Show with Spike Feresten":
August 07, 2009

Comment from Elie:

Dear Ian, My brother Eroll and I are trying to get Fox to renew talk show with Spike Feresten before it gets too late. However, even after we Emailed them at, they never did answer us, or renew talk show with Spike Feresten either for that matter. I just have a few questions for you. How many Emails do Eroll and I have to send to Fox until they give up and renew talk show with Spike Feresten? Will fox ever answer our Emails and renew talk show with Spike Feresten? Will everyone please help us out? Will talk show with Spike Feresten be renewed because of our Emails? Thank you for listening.


I hate to see fans who try hard to get a show renewed fail but at this point saving Talkshow with Spike Feresten is a lost cause. Fox hasn't really explained why they cancelled it but I don't think ratings were what Fox wanted. I've sent e-mails on behalf of a few shows before and I have had no luck whatsoever with getting shows renewed. As an expert in the field of cancelled shows I can tell you that sending e-mails isn't going to hurt but it's going to take a lot more than just you and your brother to save Talkshow. One thing you did right however was contacting us at TV Hell though since I'm sure some of our readers will see this and help you out. Thanks for writing in and good luck.

"Cable Networks":
July 18, 2009

Comment from Rab:

I noticed in your news section you covered the line up of the networks. But I failed to see any mention of any cable networks. For example:

USA has Burn Notice, In Plain sight.

TNT has leverage and Dark Blue.

BBC America has DR. Who and Torchwood

Syfy has warehouse 13.

I find the regular networks a tad boring, they are afraid to take risks, or can't due to the current FCC rules. But the cable networks can take risks as they are a paid subscription.

Anyhow, just asking as to why the cable shows were left off the line up list.


Thanks for the feedback and for brining up some of cable's finest shows. TV Hell is a two man gig and I run the news section by myself. I usually take some time off after the network analysis since summer is our slowest time of the year. I usually do something on cable prior to the fall network analysis but I didn't get around to it this year. I'll probably write an article about the hits of summer soon. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy our site.

July 09, 2009

Comment from Keila:

Love the website! Do you know if Showtime’s Brotherhood is cancelled? I have read rumors, but nothing accurate. Please let me know. Thanks and continued success with your website.


Thanks for the kind words, unfortunately Showtime has cancelled Brotherhood after three seasons. I always liked the show but it never really delivered in the ratings despite being partnered with Dexter for a season or two. Showtime had made a lot of really bad cancellations prior to Brotherhood's premiere so I'm happy they at least gave the show a chance.

Ask Ian:

"Your website and your truths about the state of TV":
May 26, 2009

Comment from Jerrie D.:

While browsing in order to find a complete list of cancelled shows, I stumbled onto your site. I really enjoyed your refreshing commentary coupled with the subject matter related to television, It has been nice to see stations like TBS (or is it TNT), USA, the Sci-Fi channel, and Lifetime put on good summer and fall shows to provide a refreshing change from summer reruns. I also like how those stations will split their series into three spans with only 2 or 3 months in between them. Some of MY favorites are the Bill Engavall show, Psyche and the comedy/drama about the witness protection program, Rita Rocks, Army Wives, Eureka, Tyler Perry's The House of Payne, and The Cleaner on A&E. Me and my 19 year old son really enjoyed the A&E drama with Patrick Swayze (my mind is drawing a blank on the title), as well. The main two shows I am going to miss are CBS's Eleventh Hour, which also originated in Canada and Reaper, which me and my son saw as more of a comedy than a drama and a unique and refreshing change from the soap opera like dramas CW has turned to.

It is hard to find shows that appeal to me, my 19 year old son and my 20 year old daughter as a group. I enjoy the opp. to watch tv with them. Law and Order has run out of fresh ideas, Dancing With the Stars has become tedious, so don't understand why they have been not been pulled. I'll miss Samantha Who, as well.

Sometimes I do not think ABC, CBS, or NBC get it. They are stuck on crime shows, spin off's (the three CSI's) are an example, medical dramas, reality shows and legal dramas. A few or OK but they overdo it. They cancel their shows that are different or unique, leaving their viewers high and dry, no matter the age. And the only comedies that are written or renewed are the more cheesy and raunchy shows, while shows like Earl and Samantha Who are cancelled. We do enjoy 30 Rock and the Adventures of Old Christine though. Even the new dramas slated for the fall 2009 lineup are medical, legal, or crime themed and more of the raunchy comedies.

As my 19 and 20 year old say, not everyone their age, or mine, are impressed by what is on network TV anymore nor are we mindless. And ABC, NBC, and CBS wonder why more and more viewers are turning away and they continue to lose market share.


Thanks for the kind words it certainly means a lot to us here at TV Hell to hear from people who enjoy what we do here. Network TV has been hesitant to take risks lately since the majority of of new network shows get cancelled anyway. There isn't really a big chance for success for a show like Arrested Development which broke the mold and then failed. They aren't ignoring the success of shows on cable but they haven't fully adopted their mold either. Cable seasons are roughly half the length of network seasons so they have to come up with ideas that keep a show "fresh" after nine months on the air. The truth is most of them aren't all that fresh when May rolls around.

"'Til Death":
May 18, 2009

Comment from Matt C.:

It has been listed on your site for months. It will be on Fri nites this fall.


Thanks for the catch, 'Til Death got a fourth season because Fox wants a hundred episodes for syndication. While it's being taken off the site for now don't be surprised to see it back next year.

May 17, 2009

Comment from Scott Cook:


Scrubs renewed: 8053531.stm


Thanks. Let's wait and see how long this lasts....

"Huge mistake on NBC!":
April 24, 2009

Question from Larry D. Escher:

Hey Ian,

I'm watching this week's Heroes on my DVR and there's a promo for a Heroes side story online on However, at the end, the announcer actually says "on"!

I re-played it several times and got confirmation from a friend who hadn't seen it and only listened. This is a national promo with their national voice-over guy and he says "" and no one noticed?

The producer, editor, and person who aired it should all be fired and the announcer who should know that he works for NBC, not ABC, should be doing promos for free for awhile while his contract is in "review"!


All the executives at NBC should be fired and what you said goes to show how poorly that network is run. I used to root for NBC but they've made so many bad decisions over the past few years that I don't even care what happens to therm anymore. Southland is a good new show but there's not going to be another powerhouse like ER for a few years and I don't think NBC has that long. From butchering promos to moving Leno to primetime NBC has really screwed up.ows we have a pretty complete list for the past 11 years. If you know of any that we forgot please let us know.

"Thanks for the memory!":
April 08, 2009

Question from Josie:

Hey Ian,

It's like walking down memory lane looking at all the cancelled shows over the years........ I noticed you don't have more recent shows like for the past couple of years. will you be adding them to the list?


Glad to hear you enjoy the site though credit for the list belongs to Rich. Not exactly sure what you mean by more recent shows we have a pretty complete list for the past 11 years. If you know of any that we forgot please let us know.

"Moment of Truth":
April 03, 2009

Question from Angela:

Hi Ian,

Love this site! Just wondering if you know what happened to Moment of Truth? It came back with 1 new episode and then disappeared?Also any news on Game Show in My Head? And lastly I noticed Nip/Tuck was deleted from the cancellation page? Does that mean it is not cancelled?


Thanks for the kind words, for now the Moment of Truth is set to come back on August 28th. Game shows are cheap and easy to produce so I wouldn't be too surprised to see it pop up earlier to fill the gaps left by re-runs. Game Show in My Head is on hiatus and news on it probably won't come around until CBS presents their fall line-up next month. As for Nip/Tuck it was removed by it is still set to end in 2011. We took it off the site because many more shows will be on the list before 2011 so it'll be back when its closer to its final episode.

"Just commenting on your "shows on the bubble":
March 24, 2009

Question from Andy:


I just wanted to quickly comment that I think the rating system sucks. I wonder if they take into account the amount of times shows are watched on Hulu, Netflix, or on the respective channel's site... I am seeing a growing trend of people moving to Internet viewing, and its too bad that Nielsen rating is "god" when it comes to testing ratings...As I read thru my Twitter list, I always see "Watching Chuck on NBC" or "catching up on Heroes on Hulu" etc etc...

So do you think or have you heard of Studios taking internet views into account at all?? Some shows I would hate to see go, but some studios have to admit, some time slots suck, so off to the internet to play catch up...


The studios are not ignoring the internet completely but it's definitely going to take some time before the internet becomes a major factor in the survival of a show. I like that you mentioned Chuck because if that is renewed I think it'll be one the first where the internet played a part in. Chuck, Heroes, and science fiction in general greatly benefit from sites like Hulu and the networks don't throw that out. I agree completely than the ratings system is outdated and needs a serious revamp but we're in a transition period. As the seasons go by you'll start to see cult shows like Chuck living longer lives. Nielsen ratings are important but it doesn't track everybody, something that the internet has the power to do. Give it some time and you'll see the results. Thanks for your response the internet's impact on TV is something isn't mentioned enough.

"Rita Rocks":
March 23, 2009

Question from Jodi:


Hi Ian. I am wondering if you know what happened to Rita Rocks? It was on Monday nights on Lifetime. It just seems to have disappeared. Thank you!!!


Rita Rocks finished its 20 episode first season and was recently renewed for another 20 episode run which should begin airing in the fall. Cable shows can be tricky to track down but that's most likely when it'll start back up.

"ABC Show":
February 26, 2009

Question from Joe:


A gal who lost her husband joins the FBI to give back. An agent was undercover and trying to bust up organized crime. Cannot remember the show. I think it was on ABC.

Any ideas??


information on this one was hard to come by, but I think The Handler which aired on CBS from 2003-2004 is the show you're looking for. If I'm wrong, I could broaden my search a bit. What year did you watch this show?

"AMC & Spike Shows":
February 20, 2009

Question from Renee:

There was a show I watched last year on AMC called Breaking Bad. It was about a school teacher and a former student who got together and produced and sold meth. Any word on if this show will return. Also, a couple of years ago, my husband and I watched 2 shows on Spike and I never saw them again. They were Carpocolypse and Raising the Roofs. Any word on these shows returning?


I've got some good news and some bad news for. Breaking Bad is set to return on March 8th. As for Carpocalypse and Raising the Roofs, neither of them have aired since 2006 so it's a safe bet to say they've been cancelled. I couldn't find any official cancellation news for either but since Spike TV isn't a big channel that's not too surprising.

"Unsolved Mysteries":
February 12, 2009

Question from PJSMOMI:

Hi, I was wondering if you knew if Spike TV canceled the new Unsolved Mysteries.


The fate of Unnsolved Mysteries seems to remain unsolved. SpikeTV hasn't aired it with any consistency but I haven't heard anything to make me beleive it was cancelled. With a lot of these low key shows no news is good news and I haven't heard much about it so unless we hear otherwise, expect Unsolved Mysteries to return whenever Spike chooses to bring it back.

"Missing from memory AGAIN":
February 03, 2009

Question from Jamal B.:

I need help finding the name of a cancelled show on FOX I believe. but I don't have much for you to go on... What I do remember is it was show about people with special powers, and I think they were created just for the show and not from a comic book or what not. Sort of like X-Men, but it wasnt mutant X... It had to be between like 1997-2001 I think. I can't remember anything else but if you could give me a list of shows that might be the one I'm talking about I'm sure I'd remember then! I THINK ONE OF THE CHARACTERS WAS NAMED "MONDO".



I'm guessing the show was called Witchblade which aired on TNT for two years from 2001-2002. There were a bunch of shows that fit the rather vague description you gave so I'll list them here.

"Roswell": If it wasn't Witchblade I'm guessing it was Roswell, fits your description. I just have a hard time believing anyone could forget the name Roswell.

"Mercy Point": Worth a shot, but I doubt this is the one that you are looking for.

"Ryan Caulfield Year One": Most descriptions of this show are pretty vague, a shot in the dark.

"Dead Last": A show on The WB, worth a try.

Send me another E-mail if none of these were it.

"Props to USA Network":
January 29, 2009

Question from Larry D. Escher:

I have recently become a big fan of USA Network. I resisted watching Psych... until I watched it. Now, it's one of my favorite shows. It's a rapid-fire, nickname-throwing, 80's-pop-culture-reference-filled, pineapple-seeking roller-coaster of hilarity. Thanks for the mention. Our tastes are pretty much identical.

As for USA's other shows: Burn Notice, In Plain Site, The Starter Wife... all good. Monk... bugs me... tired of it. Then again, I'm not a critic... that must be why.

Good column as always. Or is it a blog? I'll go with column.

Keep up the good work! I check almost every day.


Larry, As always, good to here from you. I watched Psych since the beginning and while its premise may seem a bit out there its certainly a good show. As for Monk I agree with you that its past its prime. I will miss it when it ends this summer, I'm always sad to see old shows take their final bow. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

"Ugly Betty":
January 26, 2009

Question from Steven H.:

I hear that Ugly Betty is history .. True?


It's true that Samantha Who? and new comedy In the Motherhood will occupy Ugly Betty's 8 p.m. Thursday spot in March. As for the future of Ugly Betty, it's future is not looking that great but I won't say it's going to be cancelled just yet. Even though Ugly Betty was beaten by an NCIS rerun last week but it still does decent in the 18-49 demographic. Ugly Betty's future is intertwined with the success of ABC's new shows this spring and unless they all are surefire hits I doubt Ugly Betty will enter TvHell this season. The cancellations of Dirty Sexy Money, Pushing Daisies, and Eli Stone only help Betty's chances of returning.

January 26, 2008

Question from From: Cydlone26:

Shows for the "What If" section:

Pushing Daisies
John Doe
King of the Hill
Dark Angel


Thanks for the shows, I don't typically do what-ifs on shows that have been cancelled this season but look for John Doe in the next edition of the What-If page.

Response to "Fox Analysis section":
January 23, 2009

Question from Harry: Ian,

Thanks for the info & commentary! Great website!

1) On the Fox Analysis section, you said : "nothing Fox never gets to air anything anyway because of football so they finally stopped trying to". This is unclear to me. What are you saying?

2) You have: "8:00-8:30 PM – King of the Hill 9:00-9:30 PM – Family Guy". Fox has The Simpsons on 8-8:30, and King of the Hill 8:30-9:00. King is getting dethroned, as far as I know. Cancellation is soon arriving. I think an animated series is taking its place, but not sure. I never personally liked King of the Hill, but it did last a while.

On your CBS section, "Project Gary"- the final name used now is "Gary Unmarried". I think it's pretty good. I hope Christine is doing well. I liie the show, more than "Worst Week". 'Worse' seems like another 'sitcom' that ends up being amusing, but not funny to me, personally.
Take care.

Ian: Harry, The network analysis for Fox was written back in May and intended for the past fall season. On Sunday's during football season, the four o'clock showing of a game almost always runs into the 7 o'clock primetime slot so Fox isn't trying to air something new in it. They tried that with Futurama and it became a big mess. As for Gary Unmarried, it was still Project Gary when I wrote the article and it's not customary for me to go back and edit articles that have been published already. Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me to hear from a long time reader.

Response to "Crime Dramas" article:
December 30, 2008

Question from Larry E.: Ian,

My fiancee' has just fallen in love with NCIS. Why? Because of all the reruns on USA Network. They're playing up to 3 a day and occasionally have marathons.

Now that she's hooked, she watches the new ones religiously.

This syndication strategy is what helped make a lot of older shows popular or keep them popular. Can you say "Three and a Half Men"? It was Adult Swim's repeats of "Family Guy" that helped DVD sales and, thus, the new seasons. "Futurama" got help there, post-cancellation too.

Maybe the syndication secret is why "CSI: Miami" won't die despite the fact that everyone finds David Caruso's acting grating and annoying.

Ian: Larry, you bring up an interesting and valid point. Between the two tivos, generic DVR (not as good) and over a hundred TV DVD's in my house, I tend to not watch a ton of reruns on cable networks. NCIS, in my opinion at least, for its cast that seem t get along great, its original story, and the fact that while the show doesn't have the two dimensional character that Law & Order does, it's not impossible to start watching midseason. Syndication does spark interest in people who may have missed the show because of another show in the same time-slot or for whatever reason. Ratings sparks are not completely uncommon when it comes to shows that are just entering syndication but one of NCIS's magnitude is something you don't see every day.

Response to "Crime Dramas" article:
December 13, 2008

Question from Larry E.: Ian,

You wanted a response and opinions on your article, so here's mine.

I agree with your original theory on why they remain so popular. I think you're right on the money. They've always have been popular. To prove this theory historically, how far do you want to go back? Quincy? Dragnet? Perry Mason? They've been popular, are popular, and will continue to be so.

In my opinion, it's all about the payoff. They set up the mystery, work the case, solve the crime and put the bad guys away... in almost every episode. In that way, it's just like sex... and we love sex.

These shows that go on and on with no payoff (i.e., "Lost") just don't give us the release we need. And any show that doesn't put out quickly enough gets dumped. Nobody likes television blue balls.

This idea of a payoff isn't restricted to dramas. You can even see this scenario in sitcoms, as well. Every episode presents a funny situation. The comedy usually comes in trying to resolve the situation. Then, the situation gets resolved, hopefully hilariously, by the :30 minute mark.

Heck, it even seems to work on "reality" shows. Each episode is usually edited to tell a story. Plus, someone is voted or kicked off at the end which gives us the episodic payoff.

It's predictable. It's formulaic. It works. The genius lies in creating compelling stories within that framework.

Keep up the good work.

Ian: Larry, thanks for your response. You bring up an excellent point with the reality and comedy bit, they both usually have payoffs at the end and while neither are huge presences on TV today, that formula has been proven to work. I know a lot of people who can't watch Lost anymore because questions never get answered without a million new questions popping up in the process. They need to give a little to keep the viewer's interest.

Eli Stone/ Dirty Sexy Money:
November 29, 2008

Question from Brooke: Do you know if they will complete the remaining seasons of the 2?
PS - I love your site. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Ian: ABC has publicly stated that the remaining episodes of Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone will air, however it's not uncommon for networks to move shows that have been cancelled to bizarre times, or air them later on the year. ABC may also decide to air them online. I think Eli Stone was on last week but I know DSM wasn't on because of some ABC special. As of now, they are supposed to air in their normal timeslots, but make sure every week because there's a chance ABC might move them and not really advertise the move.

September 14, 2008

Question: Was it picked-up yet? shame on the networks if not!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian: Jericho was cancelled for the second time after it's comeback was less than desirable for CBS. I enjoyed Jericho a lot and I'm sorry to see it go but you can't really expect CBS to do anything more than it did. Very few shows even get a second chance.

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